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Your Foodservice Partner of Choice for over 50 years

Performance Foodservice - Metro NY offers a complete selection of foodservice products from national branded vendors, specialty suppliers and our own top quality brands. We carry over 12,000 foodservice items from frozen desserts to hand cut and trimmed Certified Angus Beef® steaks. We service over 4,000 customers in a 110 mile radius of its main distribution center in Elizabeth, New Jersey. This encompasses delivery to seven (7) states: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. Three (3) shuttle hubs are in operation in The Bronx, NY; Long Island, NY, and Thorofare, New Jersey.

Consultative Services Free to Customers

Our team of specialist are here to serve you: 

Executive Chef Robert ContiCorporate Chef & Menu Design Consultant • 908-436-3887
Chef Robert is available for menu consultation and design. His three decades of experience will provide you with innovative menu ideas consistent with your business concept, as well as recommendations for execution, presentation and profitability. Robert is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with extensive practical experience in front of the house and back of the house operations.  Before joining Performance Foodservice in 2000 he was the Executive Chef for Nordstrom's Northeast Region, overseeing 22 dining establishments.  Robert's experience is wide-ranging and includes fine dining, English pub, gourmet café, high volume catering, upscale employee dining, fast food, family dining  and bistro concepts.  Because we value your business, this service is provided at no charge to our customers.  Invite Chef Robert to your establishment today.

Jason Rubin • Seafood Buyer & Protein Specialist • 347-981-6685
Jason has been in the food service industry for over 25 years. Upon completing his culinary education, Jason advanced through the kitchen ranks working his way up to Executive Chef. Jason is constantly visiting with vendors, local markets and working closely with fresh seafood mongers to source and find the freshest and best possible products for PFG Metro NYs customers and partners. He also focuses his attention and efforts on butchery and creating new ideas, concepts and recipes revolving around proteins and “Center of the Plate” items, including but not limited to beef, poultry and veal

Sara LamottaProduce Specialist • 908-436-9987
Sara has been in the food industry for over 17 years.  Throughout her career, she has had a key role in growing Produce Sales across all categories for multiple broadliners and produce distributors. Her produce knowledge and food industry background  drive results creating “wins” at all levels of the sales process, including numerous restaurants and retail operations.  Sara’s high energy, passion for produce and customer centric approach is the key to her success. Sara is available to discuss what customized produce needs best fits your operation, including cost efficiency and quality.

Vic DiClementeBeverage/Chemical Specialist • 908-436-4949
Vic has worked in the Foodservice Industry for over 25 years, and has a wide base of knowledge to help you increase profits. He has additional experience in the beverage distribution and dispensing arena. Whatever your needs, you will find Vic’s expertise in product and service unsurpassed.

Cristal FarringtonEquipment & Supply Specialist • 908-436-4920
Cristal has worked in the Foodservice industry for over 15 years with most of her experience in Restaurant Equipment and Supply sales and purchasing. She was classically trained as a Chef at New England Culinary Institute in Essex, Vermont. After working several years in the kitchen an opportunity arose for Cristal to work for a large “E & S” company as a manager.  She has built several restaurants from the ground up and assisted in making her customers’ establishments safe and ready to face the health department