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Want to know where your truck is right now? Our FREE mobile app for IOS and Android shows you that and more. Track Performance Foodservice deliveries in real-time, plus get recipes, industry ideas, market trends, videos and rebates at any time, from anywhere. ­­­

Common questions about installing PERFORMANCEconnect:

1. Where can I download the app?

 You can download the app from the App Store as well as on Google Play.

2. How much does the app cost?

 It's FREE for all users.

3. What devices will this app run on?

PERFORMANCEconnect is designed for Apple and Android phones and tablets. 

4. What operating systems are required?

The app works with iOS 6 and later was well as Android 4.0.3 and later.

Questions about the app:

1. How do I view my Favorites?

When you are browsing our app, you have the option to add Recipes, News and Ideas, Market Trends and Savings Center items to your Favorites. Select Favorites in the app to view all of them in one place. This is an easy way to save content you’d like to refer back to!

2. How do I delete content  from my Favorites?

Tap the Favorites section in the app. In an iOS device, tap the arrow beside the content you wish to remove, then tap Unfavorite. In an Android device, tap the highlighted star to remove it from the list. You can also unfavorite any content by performing the same action within the item’s page instead of in the Favorites section.

3. How do I share content with my friends and co-workers?

Tap the arrow icon when browsing in Recipes, News and Ideas, Market Trends. Savings Center, or your Favorites. Your options for sharing via email or social media will appear.

4. Do I need a wireless connection to use the app after I've downloaded it?

To view content and track your truck you do need a wireless connection. However, any content you favorite is available for offline viewing later.

5. Help, I'm unable to view content in the app!

If you have trouble seeing images or content in the app, it could be because you do/did not have an active wireless connection when launching the app. Try shutting down the app completely, verify that you do have an internet connection and then launch the app again.

Where's my truck FAQ:

1. Who can track their deliveries?

Only active Performance Foodservice customers can track their deliveries. If you are a customer of our IFH Florence or IFH Hickory locations, you will not be able to track your deliveries at this time, but we are actively working on it! If you are not a Performance Foodservice customer, click here.

2. What do I need to sign up for Where’s My Truck?

You will need an invoice from 3 to 60 days ago with the number, the invoice amount, the name of the location you do business with and an email address to sign up.

3. Can I track trucks for more than one location?

Yes. Once you've registered for Where's My Truck, sign in, tap the "Edit" button, then tap "Add Operation." You will need an invoice from 3 to 60 days ago for that location in order to add it.

4. How do I reset my password for Where’s My Truck?

If you are currently logged in, tap the account icon in the upper right hand corner and follow the instructions.

5. Help! I forgot my password for Where’s My Truck!

On the Where’s my Truck login screen, simply tap “Forgot Password” and enter in your email address.

Download full instructions for Where's My Truck.

I have feedback or a question that wasn't answered here. How can I contact you?

You can email us at