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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located? 
We have locations throughout much of the United States. Click here to visit our locations page where you can find a location that delivers to your state.  

Can I purchase your products from a retail location?
Yes, in several locations across the country there are cash and carry centers that are open to the public. If there is not a location near you, you must be setup as a customer through one of our distribution locations to receive deliveries. Find a distributor near you.

Cash and Carry Locations:

Nashville Merchant's Mart

IFH ChefSmart

TPC Cash & Carry

We also offer additional Vistar Merchant's Mart locations across the country. These centers offer candy, snack and beverage options to the general public.

Where can I find MSDS or Safety Data Sheets?
MSDS sheets can be found in every case of product and are printed with each invoice you receive. We now also offer copies of these sheets for our proprietary brands on our website. You must know the brand and Item number before searching. In addition, you can contact your sales representative to obtain a copy.  

Where can I find nutritional information?
Nutritional information should be acquired from your sales representative directly, or you may refer to information provided on all item packaging. In order to place orders online you will need to be set up by your sales representative. Please contact him or her to start this process. 

What do I do if I need immediate help with placing an order, a pending order or a wrong order? 
For the quickest service, please contact your local operating company directly. Their information can be found on the View All Locations page or on your local operating company's page.