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Grazie Mille Giveaway Delivers Cheese, Vespas, and Fiats

In sixteen weeks, we gave a ‘thousand thanks’ to the customers who love our Bacio cheese.Bacio Logo

Performance Foodservice has always believed that exceptional pizza deserves exceptional cheese. And with a Kiss of Buffalo Milk, we believe that our Bacio cheese can deliver on menus time and time again. To show our gratitude for the customers who use and love our Bacio cheese, we decided to host a giveaway to award prizes to some of our Bacio-loving customers. Prizes during the Bacio Mille Giveaway included Bonus Cash Back Rewards for customers enrolled in our Bacio Gold Club program, and that’s not all! In addition to great Cash Back rewards, eight lucky winners were awarded Vespa scooters, and four lucky winners were awarded Fiats. All of the giveaway prizes were adorned with the customers’ name and logos so that each winner could proudly promote their restaurant and brand around their home town. Just another way we love to spread our love of Bacio cheese!

In addition to spreading the love around the country with our two and four-wheeled prizes, we took the opportunity to follow up with some of our winners to  find out why they love our Bacio cheese and how they will use the prizes to market their businesses.

“Our rep told us one day that he had a new cheese available,” said Bob Rotanz of Mac & Bob’s in Salem, VA. “He said that we would be able to use less cheese than we were currently using and get the same amount of coverage on our pizzas. We tried it, and he was right!” Bob also remarked “We use Bacio cheese not only for our pizzas, but also for the best-selling items on our menus, which are our calzones. The cheese worked great for that, as well as our parmesan subs, and even in salads.” In regards to how Mac & Bob’s will use their new Fiat, Bob said, “We’ll use it to drive around town as an advertising opportunity. To be honest, I’m a skeptic at heart, and when I got the call I didn’t believe I had won a prize. My wife and daughters were as excited as I was!”

Viuubhai Patel from Gus’ NY Pizza Lounge has been a customer of Performance Foodservice for four years. He, like Bob, was shocked to win a brand new car, and immediately knew how he would use it for his business. Viuubhai said, “The new Fiat will help to promote our business a lot because we are in the old town Scottsdale and downtown Tempe on Mill Avenue where there is a lot of foot traffic. Having a small attractive car wrapped with our business name and Bacio logo will promote both of us.” 

Other customers searched long and hard for the perfect pizza cheese. “We tasted what seems like hundreds of cheese and hands down Bacio was our favorite,” Nicolas Eckerman of Pizza Revolution in Westlake Village, CA. “It accomplished all of the taste and texture requirements we had for a shreddable cheese. And we liked that it contained Buffalo milk - which is of course unique to Bacio! We wanted a cheese that wasn’t 'stringy' in our words, and Bacio did that for us, and our customers love it!” In addition to loving our Bacio Cheese, Pizza Revolution is a member of the Bacio Gold Club Program, which rewards our most loyal pizza operators with cash-back rewards. Nicolas adds that “The program provides us with an incentive and progressive plan as we grow to receive savings according to volume.” Pizza Revolution plans to use their Vespa prize in a creative fashion – as a prize in a new marketing campaign – the Vespa will be an exciting giveaway to one of their lucky customers.

Jim Lacona of Noah’s Ark Restaurant in Des Moines, IA, is no stranger to pizza, Noah’s Ark has been in the business for 68 years and counting! Bacio proved to be a great match for the pizzas at Noah’s as Jim shared that “We have always used the highest quality ingredients, and Bacio cheese was a perfect match for us. It has kept our standards intact – people expect a certain quality when their order our food.” And Jim uses Bacio for a huge variety of items, “We use it in our lasagna, baked ravioli, chicken parmigiana, veal mozzarella, baked eggplant, and more. I really enjoy the quality of the melt and stretch, it reminds me of the quality cheeses Dad used to make back in the day.”

Michael Sublett from Odd Moe’s Pizza in Salem, OR has been a great partner of Performance Foodservice for almost 15 years. Michael’s story is a great one – “On May 7th, 1999, we opened the doors to our first location. We sat down with what was then Roma/Vistar/Multi-foods and laid out our goals and requirements in what we were looking for in a partnership. At that point we began our relationship and haven't looked back. People always ask me on what we can pin our success and it's a simple response: partnerships.” Michael admits that he was initially skeptical of changing cheeses, “For any company to change one of the core items, such as sauce, dough, or cheese it’s a monumental decision. This took some collective adjustments because we loved the Bacio cheese so much. The melt, the hold, the reheat and of course the flavor elevated the overall quality of our products. In our garden salads, our garlic cheesy bread, and those extra cheesy pizzas is where we truly get to strut our confidence with our Bacio cheese.” As for the Fiat that Odd Moe’s was recently awarded, Michael says, “We work so hard on making an impact in our community. Leaving a lasting impression is our ultimate goal. This little Fiat has all that potential and more. It also gets 40mpg. NICE!"

Barley's Taproom has been a Performance Foodservice customer for the last two years. Owner Josh Beeby said that one of the best things about working with PFG is that "there is no pressure, PFG just supports our needs." When asked to try Bacio cheese for the first time, Josh and his team conducted a cheese challenge. They used different blocks of cheese for a taste test; two on the higher end and two on the lower end of quality. The majority of the table chose Bacio Cheese, which has never happened before! How did Josh react when he won the Fiat prize? He says, "It was surreal and it really didn't start to feel real until I went to the dealership with my wife to get the Fiat. This will really bring excitement and awareness to our great business!"

Thank you to all of our customers

We are proud to be your foodservice supplier and look forward to many more years of great business together. See the entire list of winners below, congratulations to all and we wish you safe driving on your new wheels!


Winner: Viuubhai Patel
Restaurant and Location: Gus’ NY Pizza Lounge, Scottsdale, AZ

Winner: Michael Sublett and Samuel Wibowo
Restaurant and Location: Odd Moe’s, Salem, OR

Winner: Josh Beeby
Restaurant and Location: Barley’s Taproom, Greenville, SC
Barley's Taproom

Winner: Bob Rotanz and Joe Dishaw
Restaurant and Location: Mac & Bob’s, Salem, VA


Winner: Kimberly Zezima
Restaurant and Location: Uncle Vinny’s Pizza, Broken Arrow, OK
Uncle Vinny's
Winner: Ed Martino
Restaurant and Location: Carminuccio’s, Newton, CT
Winner: Edwin Beza
Restaurant and Location: La Bella Italian Delight, Warminster, PA
La Bella
Winner: George Deleonibus
Restaurant and Location: Pete’s Pizzeria, Daytona Beach, FL
Pete's Pizzeria
Winner: Louis Sciarotta
Restaurant and Location: Louie’s Pizza, Colorado Springs, CO
Louie's Pizza
Winner: Nicolas Eckerman
Restaurant and Location: Pizza Revolution, Westlake Village, CA
Pizza Revolution
Winner: Jim Lacona
Restaurant and Location: Noah’s Ark Restaurant, Des Moines, IA
Noah's Ark
Winner: Sal Lucido
Restaurant and Location: Pizzetta’s, Leland, NC

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