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  • Make Your Menu Shareable

    Friends and families have always used food as a way to connect. With face-to-face interaction having fallen behind texting and instant messaging, we need food to help bridge the communication gap more than ever. By catering to an increasing number of people who are actively looking for ways to connect, you can make your operation a destination for group gatherings.

  • Tips for Killer Kebabs

    Japan has Yakitori, China has Chuanr, and Preu has Anticuchos. But they are all essentially the same thing – meat on a stick (or as Turkey calls them – kebabs). The concept is simple and whether at a state fair, a food stall, or a restaurant, they can found across the globe.

  • Summer Berry Dessert

    Summer Desserts are Berry Good

    So, here it is, with the hot summer days approaching, you’ve switched your entrees to lighter, breezier fare. Your small plates are now cool and refreshing. Time to re-evaluate your dessert menu.

  • Mothers Day

    A Twist on Traditional Mother's Day Service

    Mother’s Day is here again. A busy, chaotic Sunday that has leaves both front and back of house exhausted and spent. You’ve figured out how to maximize service, either with a prix fixe set menu or a miles long self serve buffet. You know how quickly you can turn those tables and hope it doesn’t rain so you can utilize your patio seating. Yep, you’re ready for the big day and set to make all those mothers feel special.

  • Skip the Green Beer this St. Patrick's Day

    Skip the green beer this year, and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with dishes based off of traditional recipes that will draw in guests looking for good food and drink.

  • Beef Tenderoin

    Beyond Beef Tenderloin

    A well rounded menu isn’t complete without at least one beef dish but getting the right plate to fit with the rest of the menu can be problematic. Learn what cut of meat is best for your menu's price points.

  • French Fries

    Give French Fries the Spotlight

    Fries. They’re possibly the quintessential American food, available from drive-throughs all the way up to Michelin-starred hotspots. They are easily made from scratch, but also available in endless permutations in frozen form. The side to many a dish, sometimes for nearly every dish on a menu.

  • Perfect Pasta for Non-Italian Restaurants

    You don't need to be exclusively an Italian restaurant to still serve up delicious pasta beyond basic spaghetti. Explore these ideas for creating unique dishes based on classics guests will love.

  • squash soup

    Add Squash to the Menu

    As the days grow shorter and a little chillier, tastes shift from summer’s light and refreshing to fall’s heavier, denser flavors. Squash immediately comes to mind, but far too often only as a dusty display on the credenza. A plate is really where a squash belongs, the trick is figuring out what to do with it.

  • Superhero Sprouts

    Superfoods. Some claim these ingredients have extraordinary, restorative powers—able to detoxify while providing the body with all manner of vitamin and mineral is substantive doses. Others say, meh, they’re good but not magical. Regardless of which theory you ascribe to, there’s no denying some of these so-called superfoods are hot menu items, especially among those who are more diet conscious.