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  • Sweet Encore Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Serve Seasonal Sweets

    As customers get more into the holiday spirit, they look for flavors that really celebrate the season. In fact, serving fall- and winter-inspired dishes can inspire sales—customers will be more likely to indulge in a flavor they might not get again after the next month or two. Luckily, we have a variety of desserts in festive flavors. Add a few to your menu for instant seasonal success.

  • holiday dinner

    Holiday Guide

    The holiday season is big business for restaurants. To make sure you're prepared we've gathered some of our best articles with tips and tricks to get you through the madness. Browse below for serving ideas, tips for attracting holiday business, easy-but-special serving ideas and all sorts of inspiration to boost you through the end of the year.

  • squash soup

    Gourdes for Days

    As the days grow shorter and a little chillier, tastes shift from summer’s light and refreshing to fall’s heavier, denser flavors. Squash immediately comes to mind, but far too often only as a dusty display on the credenza. A plate is really where a squash belongs, the trick is figuring out what to do with it.

  • Superhero Sprouts

    Superfoods. Some claim these ingredients have extraordinary, restorative powers—able to detoxify while providing the body with all manner of vitamin and mineral is substantive doses. Others say, meh, they’re good but not magical. Regardless of which theory you ascribe to, there’s no denying some of these so-called superfoods are hot menu items, especially among those who are more diet conscious.

  • Showcase Squid

    Fried, grilled or tossed into a colorful salad, squid is versatile and affordable while lending itself perfectly to platter size dishes to share with family and friends. Not to mention, with a little imagination, it’s better tasting and better for your customers during half time than that old plate of fried mozzarella sticks.

  • Your Menu Needs Pork Belly

    Diners today are much more health conscious. Leaner cuts with less fat are all the rage. So, of course, one of the hottest cuts of meat these days is… pork belly. Serve indulgent West Creek Pork Belly across your menu for flavor success in a variety of dishes.

  • Burgers Go Beyond Beef

    On the surface, there’s nothing more American than a burger. But America has never really been a homogenous nation, diversity has always been there, sometimes just beneath the surface. And, if you lift the top of a burger these days, you might not find beef inside.

  • Don't Forget Pork for a Perfect Burger

    When you think burgers, your mind probably immediately goes to beef. And when we say "alternative," you probably think of chicken, turkey, or maybe veggie. But don't forget the other white meat, pork. Ground pork can add plenty of flavor and juicy texture to any burger combination.

  • Tips for Turkey and Chicken Burgers

    For meat eaters looking for something a little lighter, ground turkey or chicken make great substitutes for a beef patty. The lighter flavors also mean you can doctor up the grind to create some interesting tastes.

  • Perfecting the Black Bean Burger

    Dense and filling, plus high in protein, black bean patties make for an excellent burger without the meat. They are also a great vehicle for customizing the taste, from herbaceous and fresh with cilantro to jacked up on spices with cayenne or peppers like Poblano.