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And the Bread Winner is… Heritage Ovens

Breaking Bread.
Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone.
Someone’s Bread And Butter.
The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread.
Know Which Side One’s Bread Is Buttered On.

It would not be possible to list as many subsequent clichés with any less worthy of a word. Bread means many things to many people. It is one of the few foods that remain appealing at any type of day, and with almost any meal. It can be sweet, savory, hard, soft, flaky, buttery, and the list of adjectives could go on forever. Bread makes people happy. Bread brings people together.

So what is so great about our Heritage Ovens breads? For one, the sheer product versatility. With a broad offering of quality unbaked, par-baked and pre-baked items, Heritage Ovens has a solution for all meal occasions, and can perform as well as your “bread man” time and time again. Delectable sliced sandwich breads, dinner rolls, Texas toast, English muffins, bagels, artisan breads, and breadsticks can enhance any type of menu, any hour of the day, with very little effort required.

Cool Bread Trends:

A focus on healthier options.
While white and sourdough breads still have a place in many hearts, whole wheat, 9-grain, “healthier” breads have become more appealing to those counting calories.

A look for differentiation.
Bread is satisfying, but what are the newest and the freshest on the market? Artisan breads , ciabattas, focaccias, flatbreads, fancy dinner rolls, all have become wow-factors in restaurants, and continue to entice consumers to order specialty items.

Specialty Burger Buns.
An Angus Burger deserves and Angus Bun. “High duty” buns are being used to make burgers and sandwiches more high end.

Tiny Buns.
Sliders of all types have been popping up on menus all over the country, and the main protein doesn’t even have to be beef! Pork, chicken, beef, and even seafood has found a place on a tiny bun with a broad accompaniment of condiments.

Rustic-Looking Breads.
Bread already appeals to the stomach, but it has to appeal to the eyes too. Plate presentation is made easy with beautiful looking breads that only further enhance the appeal of a sandwich or burger.

Bread as a Meal Course.
You’ve heard of bread salads and bread puddings, right? Both are delicious ways to use leftover bread to form new and exciting menu items. Want to make your dinner rolls even more memorable? Serve with flavored butters, sauces, or dipping oils.

For more information on our Heritage Ovens line of breads, contact your Performance Foodservice-ROMA representative.