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Make Your Menu Shareable

Contributed By McCain®

Friends and families have always used food as a way to connect. With face-to-face interaction having fallen behind texting and instant messaging, we need food to help bridge the communication gap more than ever.* By catering to an increasing number of people who are actively looking for ways to connect,* you can make your operation a destination for group gatherings.

Make it Social

So how do you make your place a communication haven? A great place to start is with your menu. Not only are more guests looking for ways to get together and share, more guests are looking shareable foods when they go out to eat*. That means taking in to consideration every shared guest experience, from the start of the day to the end of the meal. 

Start it Up

Sharing has always found a home at the beginning of the meal. In fact, 51% of people out with groups celebrate the occasion by sharing appetizers*. When you create an appetizer menu with guest-favorite Harvest Splendor® Sweet Potato Fries at the center, your guests are sure see the sweet side of sharing. Try your own take on this menu idea on your appetizer menu:

Sweet Thai Fries

Harvest Splendor® Sweet Potato Maxi Cuts ginger-dusted sweet potato fries
drizzled with hoisin, garnished with toasted sesame seeds and fresh scallions,
complete with a cool garlic-cilantro aioli or sweet Thai chili sauce for dipping.


Wake Up and Share a While

Sharing isn’t only for suppertime. As breakfast continues to grow in popularity*, create your own unique breakfast dishes that guests can share together for a one-of-a-kind experience worth returning for. Try this shareable breakfast idea that sparks everyones’ cravings simultaneously:

Sweet Potato Breakfast Pizza

Sunny-side up is exactly how you’ll feel when you taste the delicious combination
of savory bacon, creamy Gouda cheese, chopped Harvest Splendor® Sweet Potatoes
and signature sunny-side up egg on this unique breakfast pizza.

Sweet Finale

How do you leave guests with the good feelings only sharing can bring? Make it the last thing they do before they leave your restaurant. By creating sweet shareable desserts guests will love, you have a chance to leave a lasting impression and gain some regulars in the meantime.  

Sweet Maple Bacon Fries
Applewood-smoked bacon sprinkled over crispy Harvest Splendor® Cross Trax®
Sweet Potato Fries and drizzled with warm maple syrup.


Get more inspiration to create your own sweet potato masterpiece. For more ideas and on-trend support tailored to family dining operations, browse the McCain® Idea Feed™.

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