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Mix It Up With a Mushroom Burger

mushroom burgerPortobello mushrooms grill really well and are literally nature’s patty. They also dry out easily and become leathery and tasteless. Brushing with oil can help avoid that as can placing in a marinade. For brushing, and marinades, the first oil that comes to mind is olive oil. The problem with that is the low smoke point plus some warnings against olive oil on the grill as a potential health hazard. Grape seed oil, with a much higher smoke point and a flavor that works well for marinades, can make a great alternative to olive oil.

Balsamic vinegar is ubiquitous as the marinade of choice for portobellos. And it really does work well. Step apart from the crowd by incorporating a bit more into your marinade. Dijon mustard works, as do herbs like thyme or oregano. In fact, many vinaigrettes work well to get your mushroom ready for the grill. You could even go way out on a limb, with a raspberry lambic augmented with a little raspberry vinegar, whole grain mustard, and a touch of honey for a seasonally exciting taste. 

Instead of simple mayonnaise, use Village Garden Parmesan Peppercorn or Piancone Roasted Red Pepper and Garlic dressings to zip up the flavor.