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Our Favorite Restaurant Blogs and Podcasts

By: Stephanie Ganz of the
Apple Cart 

Good advice can be hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. Fortunately for restaurant owners, there are some excellent resources in the form of blogs and podcasts. Every kind of restaurateur, from food truck owners to hospitality group CEOs, can find something new to learn. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite picks.

Modern Restaurant Management
This is a one-stop resource that covers a wide range of issues including marketing, operations, design, equipment, finance and law. And, because the editors of MRM realize that time is money, they note approximately how long it should take to read each article next to that article’s headline. Got five minutes to spare? Find a five-minute read and maximize your time!

Next Restaurants
This marketing-focused blog has its finger on the pulse of the industry, with smart content that restaurateurs can use to improve their overall marketing strategy. 

Food Business News
This is a bit more of a proper news website than a blog but, either way, it’s a great resource. It follows big industry news, tracks trends, and offers analysis with in-depth reporting and even a classifieds section.

Though not food-business-specific, Profit, Power, Pursuit touches on a range of issues related to business ownership, and many of the lessons are relatable and relevant for food business owners in particular. Host Tara Gentile explores one subject per episode with experts, artists, and authors who know their stuff.

Food Startups Podcast
Host Matt Aaron takes listeners on deep dives about contemporary topics like why the Amazon-Whole Foods merger is bad for Whole Foods. Aaron’s expert guests provide insight on topics including marketing, packaging, sales and distribution, and more.

Profitable Hospitality
Profitable Hospitality offers both a podcast and a blog where the bottom line is your bottom line. All of PH’s content is created with profitability in mind. A recent podcast exploring how to find and motivate good chefs is a prime example of how experts like Ken Burgin give real-world examples of best practices that help hospitality businesses thrive.

Contributed By:
Stephanie Ganz. Stephanie is the co-owner of The Apple Cart, a Richmond, VA-based company that helps food businesses start and grow.