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Proven Menu Strategies That Drive Profits

In the restaurant business, it's important always strategize and think about how to be as profitable as possible. Looking at your appetizers and small plate selection and deals is a great place to start. It's been proven that 50% of guest who don't order an appetizer would do so if smaller, less expensive portions were available. Try implementing some of our smaller, less expensive portions that are shown below. Additionally, think about offering multiple sizes of your appetizers to appeal to parties of all sizes. Did you know that 50% of all casual and midscale dining visits are tables of two?Try offering a 3-course combo with a shareable appetizer, two entrées, and a dessert to target these parties.  Try adding a drink and appetizer special to your menu as well, more than 50% of guests said they'd order one if it were available. Operators offering a drink and appetizer see these results:

  • 56% increased overall sales
  • 54% increased drink sales
  • 49% increased appetizer sales
  • 39% drove traffic


Mushrooms Straight Up
Three Amigos
Italian Mozz Stack
Mushrooms Stuffed Jalapenos Mozzarella Sticks
6 Entice™ Breaded Whole Mushrooms
1 Tbsp. ranch dressing
1 celery heart sprig  
1 grape tomato  
0.5 oz spring salad mix
Martini glass 
Menu Price: $1.99
Average Food Cost: $0.99
Profit/Serving: $1.00
3 Entice™ Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
2 Tbsp. queso  
2 celery stalks  
1 celery heart sprig  
1 tomato slice
6” china or glass plate 
Menu Price: $2.99
Average Food Cost: $1.50
Profit/Serving: $1.49
5 Entice™ Breaded
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
2 Tbl. Roma® Marinara  
1 parsley sprig
6” china or glass plate

Menu Price: $3.99
Average Food Cost: $2.06
Profit/Serving: $1.93              


Breaking Down Your Apps

Increase customer satisfaction and motivate sales with high-quality Entice™ brand appetizers. Entice™ appetizers are cost effective yet command high margins so operators can multiply profits — all while satisfying patrons with great taste and added value. A happy patron equals repeat business and increased loyalty. Effective appetizer menus feature patron pleasing core items like cheese sticks and onion rings as well as explore items.
Core items:
Proven menu favorites, core items are must-have volume drivers that satisfy the majority of consumers.

Explore items: From stuffed jalapeños to fried vegetables, explore items engage customers, add variety and increase sales opportunities without replacing existing appetizer sales.
 onion rings

Menu Must-Haves


Cheese is popular with all age groups and income levels.

  • Kid favorite, often menued as a kids meal option
  • Averages $2.10 in profit per serving 


Onion Rings

Offer opportunities across all day parts. Versatile as a side, an appetizer or a topper. Averages $2.80 in profit per serving. Variety of sizes and coatings to meet operator requirements.

  • Quicker prep
  • Better yield/lower cost
  • Perfect for basket
  • Great plate coverage
  • Perfect for steak or sandwich garnish
  • Premium second onion ring
  • Long hold time
  • Homestyle look
  • More premium appearance
  • Crispy texture
  • Tender bite
  • Back of house appeal
  • Crunchy bite
  • Extended hold time & perfect for take out
  • Fryer friendly – no blow outs or coating fall off
Choose the right size:
Onion Ring Sizing Chart