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Proven Menu Strategies That Drive Profits

Offer Small Plates

50% of guests who don’t order an appetizer would do so if smaller, less expensive portions were available. Implement these smaller, less expensive portions to increase sales:

Mushrooms Straight Up
Three Amigos
Italian Mozz Stack
Mushrooms Stuffed Jalapenos Mozzarella Sticks
6 West Creek Breaded Whole Mushrooms
1 Tbsp. West Creek Ranch Dressing
1 celery heart sprig  
1 grape tomato  
0.5 oz spring salad mix
Martini glass 
Menu Price: $1.99
Average Food Cost: $0.99
Profit/Serving: $1.00
3 West Creek Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos
2 Tbsp. queso  
2 celery stalks  
1 celery heart sprig  
1 tomato slice
6” china or glass plate 
Menu Price: $2.99
Average Food Cost: $1.50
Profit/Serving: $1.49
5 West Creek Breaded
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
2 Tbl. ROMA Marinara  
1 parsley sprig
6” china or glass plate
Menu Price: $3.99
Average Food Cost: $2.06
Profit/Serving: $1.93              


Consider Drink and Appetizer Specials

More than 50% of guests said they’d order a drink and appetizer special if available. Operators offering a drink and appetizer special get results:

  • 56% increased overall sales
  • 54% increased drink sales
  • 49% increased appetizer sales
  • 39% drove traffic


3-Course Combos

50% of all casual and midscale dining visits are tables of two. Offer a 3-course combo with a shareable appetizer, two entrées and a dessert.


Stack of Onion RingsBreaking Down Your Apps

Increase customer satisfaction and motivate sales with high-quality West Creek brand appetizers. West Creek appetizers are cost effective yet command high margins so operators can multiply profits — all while satisfying patrons with great taste and added value. A happy patron equals repeat business and increased loyalty.Effective appetizer menus feature patron pleasing core items like cheese sticks and onion rings as well as explore items.
Core items: Proven menu favorites, core items are must-have volume drivers that satisfy the majority of consumers.

Explore items: From stuffed jalapeños to fried vegetables, explore items engage customers, add variety and increase sales opportunities without replacing existing appetizer sales.

Menu Must-Haves


Cheese is popular with all age groups and income levels.

  • Kid favorite, often menued as a kids meal option
  • Averages $2.10 in profit per serving 


Onion Rings

Offer opportunities across all day parts. Versatile as a side, an appetizer or a topper. Averages $2.80 in profit per serving. Variety of sizes and coatings to meet operator requirements.

  • Quicker prep
  • Better yield/lower cost
  • Perfect for basket
  • Great plate coverage
  • Perfect for steak or sandwich garnish
  • Premium second onion ring
  • Long hold time
  • Homestyle look
  • More premium appearance
  • Crispy texture
  • Tender bite
  • Back of house appeal
  • Crunchy bite
  • Extended hold time & perfect for take out
  • Fryer friendly – no blow outs or coating fall off
Choose the right size:
Onion Ring Sizing Chart