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Take a Bite. Hometown Style.


CompassDespite several regional differences in cuisines across the country, there are a few dishes that always have mass appeal, regardless of time of year or location. Burgers meet that demand! Whether you’re at the beach in the Carolinas, seeing for yourself whether or not everything is really ‘bigger in Texas,’ or gazing in wonder at the expanse of the Pacific, it’s never a bad time to take a bite of a burger. Keeping burgers on your menu year round as a go-to crave-worthy item for customers can give those patrons who may have pickier palates a delicious option that will keep them satisfied. And you can easily change up your toppings, sauces, and mix-ins to keep the burger recipes current and seasonal. There’s never a bad time of year to have a well-thought-out burger on your menu, so get creative and create a signature dish!

And, since all regions of the country tend to feature different fare, why not make your burger reflect the things you love about the place in which you live? Feature a “Hometown” burger - complete with all of the favorite flavors of your town, and you can even solicit input from your regular customers on what makes your burger a representation of your beloved hometown.

Northeastern BurgerThe Northeast

Northeast cuisine is often associated with seafood. From succulent crab cakes to Maine lobster, seafood is a highly prized commodity, and it’s known to be the best in the Northeast part of our nation.

Items to feature on or with your burger: crab cakes, shrimp, lobster pieces, amped-up tartar sauce or aioli, cocktail sauce, horseradish, lemon, fried clams, fried soft-shell crabs, hush puppies.

The Southeast

Southern-style food is some of the richest and most comforting food around. Southerners pride themselves on slow cooked meats, buttery biscuits, creamy mac ‘n cheese, and fried delicacies that are flavored with spices and often spread with butter. Flavorful gravies and creamy grits are featured on breakfast menus galore, and regardless of where you’re from, few can resist the call of the occasional indulgence in Southern comfort food.

Items to feature on or with your burger: Fried Okra, Fried Chicken pieces, fried green tomatoes, slow cooked BBQ beef or pork, brisket, bacon, onion marmalades, jams, jellies, honey, flavored butter spreads, jalapeno corn bread.

Midwestern BurgerThe Midwest

Known for their great taste in both cheese and beer, the Midwest is a great place for burger lovers. Known for rich hearty dishes and lots of locally grown produce, the Midwest has a large variety of delicious options that work as great burger toppers. Known also for the popularity of their huge State Fairs, fair-type food is prevalent, and brings about an emotional connection and excitement for familiar foods.

Items to feature on or with your burger: Every cheese you can offer, beer-flavored cheeses or spreads, corn or wild rice salads, mashed potatoes or potato cakes, corn dogs, funnel cakes.

West Coast BurgerThe West Coast

What’s considered “West Coast cuisine” certainly varies as you travel north and south along the edge of the Pacific. Perhaps best well-known for its emphasis on fresh local cuisine, the West Coast fare often features fresh produce with a healthy approach to food.

Items to feature on or with your burger: Fresh lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, relishes, sprouts, fresh slices of avocado or homemade guacamoles, home-made salsa, sliced cucumber, whole-wheat or 9-grain bread or buns.