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Waffle-Wiches for Brunch

Mix up your brunch menu with waffle-wiches.Sure, a waffle tastes great topped with West Creek butter and syrup, but why stop there? Make your brunch menu stand out with waffle-wiches. Yep, they are just what they sound like—replace toast with waffles and you've got a slightly sweet, perfectly crunchy canvas for all sorts of flavors. Chef Rich Smice from Performance Foodservice—Thoms Proestler has a variety of innovative waffle dishes that will make your menu stand out from the masses.
A Buffalo Chicken Waffle Sandwich adds an extra zing to that traditional chicken and waffle combination that’s on menus everywhere right now. Serve this on your brunch menu, or try it as an appetizer, too.

The Portabello Mushroom Waffle Sandwich is a veggie-filled dish that will please vegetarians with gooey Gouda cheese.

Who needs a regular grilled cheese when you can serve a Bacon Waffle Grilled Cheese featuring three kinds of cheese and Ridgecrest bacon? Imagine all the gooey, delicious flavors with the crisp crunch from bacon.

Bacon Brunch Smores combines your campfire favorites, plus more Ridgecrest bacon. Serve this on your brunch menu, or offer it up for dessert during dinner with a scoop of West Creek vanilla ice cream on top.