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Market Trends

Check our market reports for news and trends on market conditions along with a weekly snapshot of the fresh produce market. These reports are updated weekly, 50 times a year. 

  • MT 10 19 18

    Market Trends 10/19/18

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    New crop of Washington Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious Apples are on the market.

  • MT 10-12-18

    Market Trends 10/12/18

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    Snow crab prices remain inflated due to the tight world supply brought on by lower quotas in both the U.S. and Canada. Alaska will publish their 2018-19 Bering Sea snow crab quota soon. Expectations are for their quota to be up significantly based on the latest stock assessments. Lower snow crab prices could occur as the 2019 year progresses

  • MT 10-5-18

    Market Trends 10/05/18

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    Farmers continue to expand milk output. During August, U.S. milk production was 1.4% greater than last year due to a 1.4% gain in milk per cow yields and a slightly smaller herd.

  • MT 9 28 18

    Market Trends 9/28/18

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    The USDA raised their estimated 2018-19 U.S. corn and soybean yields to record highs. Big crops and large carryover supply from the previous crops should push farmers to sell in the coming weeks. This is likely to temper the upside potential in the feed markets into the fall.

  • MT 9-21-18

    Market Trends 9/21/18

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    World snow crab supplies remain limited. U.S. snow crab imports in July were basically double what they were the previous year but at sharply higher price levels. The Alaskan snow crab fishing season will commence this fall. However, expectations are that the Alaskan quota will remain historically small. Elevated snow crab prices are likely to persist.

  • Market Trends 9 14 18

    Market Trends 9/7/18

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    Prices are level; volume is high. New crop Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, and Red Delicious Apples are available. Sugar levels range from 14 to 18 Brix, depending on variety. New crop California Galas are on the market as well. Quality is excellent: apples are crisp and juicy.

  • MT 9 7 18

    Market Trends 9/7/18

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    Last week pork production was up 3.3% and was 7.7% larger than the same week in 2017. The USDA is projecting Q4 pork output to be 6.3% more than last year which should aid seasonal price declines this fall.

  • MT 8-31

    Market Trends 8/31/18

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    Expect the asparagus market to rise for the next ten days. Central Mexico fields are past peak production, while Baja yields are slowly increasing. Limited Peruvian stocks are helping to meet demand. Quality is good.

  • MT week ending 8-24-18

    Market Trends 8/24/18

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    Idaho, Oregon and Washington are now shipping all three colors of onions fresh out of the field. Quality products are peaking at medium to jumbo size.

  • MT 8-17-18

    Market Trends 8/17/18

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    The orange market is very strong across the board. Mid-sized Valencia oranges are starting to peak and demand is exceeding supply.