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Market Trends

Check our market reports for news and trends on market conditions along with a weekly snapshot of the fresh produce market. These reports are updated weekly, 50 times a year. 

  • MT 2-15-19

    Market Trends 2/15/19

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    Cocoa futures experienced some modest strength during the last week. Global chocolate demand is solid and the current West Africa cocoa harvest is running 9% better than last year. Nearby cocoa futures could trend higher in the near term but there is key price resistance at $2,280 (quarterly pivot).

  • MT 2-8-19

    Market Trends 2/8/19

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    The avocado market is experiencing its annual Superbowl weakness, mostly on large sizes. Smaller sizes continue to stay steady and in some cases are slightly stronger. Demand is very good at destination as everyone loads up for Superbowl promotions. After three heavy weeks of picking, Mexico is backing off this week to let the demand pull the fruit through the system. #2 fruit is still a little bit weaker, but a good pull over the weekend could help clean it up. February should continue to stay steady with prices slightly higher than what they are now.

  • MT 2-1-19

    Market Trends 2/1/19

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    Rumors continue to circulate that Russia could limit their wheat exports in the coming months. Russia has become the world’s largest exporter in recent years, and stocks there have fallen to decade plus lows. If Russia does temper their wheat exports, it could be supportive of U.S. wheat prices.

  • MT 1 25 19

    Market Trends 1/25/19

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    Avocado markets are steady and slightly stronger. Demand for all sizes and grades is better as we move closer to Superbowl. Markets will stay strong through the end of January, although the price should remain the same. There is still plenty of fruit left in the fields to be picked and supply will continue to be good. #2 fruit continues to be a sizeable portion of the current crop.

  • MT 1-18-19

    Market Trends 1/18/19

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    Chilean Ports were on strike leaving grape volumes down from previous years at this time. These volumes should start to increase next week. Demand is very good but supplies are light. Look for prices to ease up by the first of February as the volumes increase. The overall crop volume and quality out of Chile looks good.

  • Market Trends 1-11-19

    Market Trends 1/11/19

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    Pork production for the last week of 2018 fell near 10%, year-over-year, but total yearly production was up an estimated 2.6% vs. 2017. While hams and loins have certainly weighed heavy on the wholesale USDA pork cutout, spot pork belly prices caught a late-year uptrend, closing out 13% higher year over year.

  • MT 12-28-18

    Market Trends 12/28/18

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    The cheese markets have found some support over the last week. CME Class IV milk futures have risen notably and are now carrying a premium over their equivalent Class III milk futures through at least next year. This encourages milk supplies to go to butter manufacturing instead of cheese production.

  • MT_12_21_18

    Market Trends 12/21/18

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    Aggressive forward pork sales plus stellar exports continue lending support to the USDA pork cutout value.

  • MT 12-14-18

    Market Trends 12/14/18

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    The snow crab leg markets remains elevated, however, the high prices appear to be slowing activity and thus overall demand. The Alaskan Bering Sea snow crab harvest remains minimal with the bulk of the quota expected to be landed after the holidays. The quota this year is 50% larger than 2017-18 but is not near enough to normalize the overall supply.

  • MT 12-6-18

    Market Trends 12/7/18

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    Iced green onion supplies are plentiful. There's been an increase in volume from Northern Mexico over the past seven days. Market pricing is decreasing daily making it a perfect time to promote on menus.