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Market Trends

Check our market reports for news and trends on market conditions along with a weekly snapshot of the fresh produce market. These reports are updated weekly, 50 times a year. 

  • MT 4-12-19

    Market Trends 4/12/19

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    The pineapple market is slightly higher than last week. Stocks are sufficient, but demand is increasing due to the upcoming Easter holiday. Quality is very good: fruit is juicy and tangy. Sugar levels range from 13 to 16 Brix.

  • MT_4-5-19

    Market Trends 3/29/19

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    The blueberry market is starting to rise. The California season will reach its peak by mid-April; Mexican stocks have already started to decrease. The South American season is ending. Overall quality is very good.

  • MT 3-29-19

    Market Trends 3/29/19

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    Heavy rainfall and snow melt have flooded notable portions of the western grain belt. Concerns are building that the planting season for grains could be further delayed. Although there is a lack of correlation between crop yields and planting timing, delays should shift some acreage out of corn. The grain markets could firm this spring.

  • MT 3-22-19

    Market Trends 3/22/19

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    January milk output was up .9% despite the milk cow herd being down .9% year-over-year. The milk per cow yield was 1.8% better than a year ago. Farmers added a net 2k to the herd which was the first increase since May. Recently rising milk prices are aiding margins which could temper the seasonal price gains for butter and cheese.

  • MT 3-15-19

    Market Trends 3/15/19

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    The Alaskan Bering Sea snow crab fishing season is nearing its final stages. As of March 5th, 80% of the quota had been landed. The 2018-19 Alaskan Bering Sea snow crab quota is 50% larger than the prior year’s historically small number. Expectations are for a small 2019 Newfoundland quota which may temper any downside in snow crab prices.

  • MT 3-8-19

    Market Trends 3/8/19

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    Nearby Arabica coffee futures have moved sharply lower over the last week. The quarterly pivot model hints that they may hit $.865 before April. Brazil’s most recent coffee harvest produced abundant supplies.

  • MT 3-1-19

    Market Trends 3/1/19

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    New Spring green bell pepper fields are flushing in Florida, bringing an abundance to the market this week. Availability is at the best point the East has seen in months.

  • MT 2 22 19

    Market Trends 2/22/19

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    The cheese markets have risen over the last week with block and barrel prices achieving their highest levels since October. In November, U.S. cheese exports were down 9.5% versus 2018. Exports to Mexico were down 6.5%, but since June, sales to Mexico were up 5.2% (y-o-y).

  • MT 2-15-19

    Market Trends 2/15/19

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    Cocoa futures experienced some modest strength during the last week. Global chocolate demand is solid and the current West Africa cocoa harvest is running 9% better than last year. Nearby cocoa futures could trend higher in the near term but there is key price resistance at $2,280 (quarterly pivot).

  • MT 2-8-19

    Market Trends 2/8/19

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    The avocado market is experiencing its annual Superbowl weakness, mostly on large sizes. Smaller sizes continue to stay steady and in some cases are slightly stronger. Demand is very good at destination as everyone loads up for Superbowl promotions. After three heavy weeks of picking, Mexico is backing off this week to let the demand pull the fruit through the system. #2 fruit is still a little bit weaker, but a good pull over the weekend could help clean it up. February should continue to stay steady with prices slightly higher than what they are now.