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  • Spring Customer Appreciation Party

    April 29, 2014

    Our 4th annual customer appreciation party at the famous Loveless Café will be held April 29, 2014. This annual event has been enhanced to include a 60 vendor food show the afternoon of the event followed by the party. The party includes a full buffet meal of our delicious branded products for all to indulge and entertainment afterwards with live music.
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  • Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

    From our store to your door

    Shop for thousands of items online with E&S Direct's easy-to-use website. E&S Direct is your one-stop shop for all things supply and equipment related. We can help your kitchen run smoothly and efficiently. Choose from useful utensils, equipment and parts, cleaning supplies for the back of the house, and plates, glasses and flatware for the front of the house. Whatever your need, E&S Direct has you covered.


  • Menuetta. Media Made Easy

    Menuetta. Media Made Easy

    Menuetta is a custom marketing solution that enables busy restaurant operators to increase traffic and build loyalty by using a smartly integrated platform to easily manage their marketing efforts through mobile devices, websites, social media and traditional print.

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  • We Have an App For That

    In the foodservice business, we understand that timing matters. That’s why Performance Foodservice is proud to offer its customers PERFORMANCEconnect–a mobile app for iOS devices that enables customers to track their deliveries in real-time. Not only does delivery status information enable customers to prepare and plan accordingly, but the app also contains tons of other useful tools such as recipes, industry ideas, market trends, videos and rebates.

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    Inspired by tradition, GUINNESS ®, in coordination with a Certified Chef, has created a line of premium, bold new food creations with the distinctive flavor of GUINNESS cooked throughout.

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From Our Suppliers


Burger Sales Are Still Booming

Burgers have always been popular, but lately, the Better Burger trend has ensured that burgers will remain profitable for operators in the year to come. When you consider that burgers are purchased away from home more often than any other sandwich, it’s no wonder that the Better Burger trend has customers wanting more.

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Rosina Food Products

Rosina Food Products, Inc. is the industry leader in frozen food specialties focusing on Meatballs, Frozen Pasta, Eggplant Cutlets, and Pizza Toppings. With every one of the more than 250 products, Rosina has a simple goal – to ensure success for each and every customer. For us, it begins and ends with the customer. This year Rosina Food Products, Inc. is honored to celebrate 50 years of providing quality frozen products to our customers.

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Find the Soup That's Right For You

Customers love our Rye Street Soups. And did we mention they were not only easy to prepare, but profitable too? Here are some great tips on how to integrate Rye Street Soups into your menu.

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