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Bacio is a uniquely crafted combination of mozzarella and a signature Kiss of Buffalo Milk™ that creates unparalleled performance.

Premium Ingredients

Bacio is made from premium ingredients to ensure delicious taste. Each batch begins with Grade A milk and a tiny touch of buffalo milk to craft a distinctive cheese that guarantees perfection every time.


From start to finish, the Bacio production process focuses on quality. A master cheesemaker supervises the process from the moment the milk is received to final packaging.  

Exceptional Melt, Reheat and Stretch

Bacio is formulated to achieve a consistent, velvety meltdown every time with no over-browning or burning. It comes back to life perfectly when reheated, making it an ideal choice for pizzerias serving slices. And, its distinctive stretch remains impressive even as the cheese cools.

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