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Meet Brilliance

Brilliance® Premium Oils produce crisp, golden brown, full-flavored foods while offering a greatly extended fry life. Each product is designed to showcase the flavors of your menu, providing brilliant results. We Premium fry oils offer a longer fry life than commodity products, meaning higher quality food over a longer period of time. This longer fry life translates into less oil use, which leads to fewer oil changes, improved employee safety, and reduced disposal costs. Premium fry shortening also resists flavor transfer, delivering more consistent and better tasting results through the fry cycle.

Longer fry life makes premium fry oils the smarter choice. For economical and quality fried foods, start with Brilliance.

Brilliance Products

High Performance Soybean Clear Fry Oil
Produced from American soybeans and made with Plenish® high oleic soybean oil, this fry oil delivers high-quality fried foods with improved health benefits.

High Performance Sunflower Clear Fry Oil
A non-GMO frying oil that is ideal for all frying applications and answers consumer demand without sacrificing performance. 

Premium Oils and Blends
Several options of oils, including corn, canola, or cottonseed, available as standalone products or blended to provide specific features. 
Buttery Oils
Can be used in applications calling for liquid butter, but in a shelf-stable product. 


New Brilliance Products