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Meet First Mark

First Mark® is the essential brand in non-food and chemical products.

Your first choice for everything from can liners to cutlery, First Mark has everything you need to keep your operation running smoothly and safely. Every First Mark product is manufactured to exacting specifications and designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the foodservice operator. Since our products comply with all health guidelines, you can be sure that your operation is sanitary and your customers are healthy. In addition, many products are recyclable and meet standards for being environmentally-friendly, helping keep your operation green.

We've got you covered with kitchen wear, food storage, paper products, take-out containers, and more for ultimate convenience and value. The mark of quality in non-food essentials — First Mark.

First Mark Products

Carryout Containers
Leak-resistant containers for meals on the go, First Mark containers are made from a lightweight material that insulates like foam but uses less plastic and is recyclable. 

Food Storage and Serving
We offer a line of food storage and serving options: plastic utensils, cups, aluminum pans and more.

Chemicals and Cleaning Products
A full line of cleaners and products that help keep your restaurant sparkling and your food safe.

Can Liners
Can liners in a variety of shapes and size, each one designed to be extra tough and eliminate leaks.

Kitchen Wear
Look to First Mark for kitchen wear, including a full line of disposable gloves.