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The Importance of Food Safety Practices

Our Products

At Performance Foodservice, we understand our responsibility for food safety, and we do everything in our power to emphasize the importance of responsible food handling to all associates and customers. We believe that good food safety practices must be in place at every point along the supply chain, and that these practices must function together as a unified and continuous system so the health and well-being of the public is protected.  We must have safe and sustainable food in order to feed a growing world of customers, and we are willing to guarantee our commitment to food safety to all of our customers in writing with our Letter of Guarantee.


Here are some of the food safety programs which are part of the food safety system:
  • Stringent supplier approval procedures, including internal and 3rd party audit or certification requirements for food safety
  • A 3rd Party Inspection Program to measure compliance with internal policies and government rules and guidance 
  • Food Safety training for employees at all operating companies
  • Trained associates at each operating company in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
  • (HACCP) and registered with the Association of Food and Drug Officials
  • Designated “Recall Leaders” at every location who coordinate a “recall team” to ensure recall effectiveness
  • An industry recognized program of DNA “Traceback” for all Braveheart branded beef products
  • Seafood import strategies to ensure source sustainability, species authenticity, as well as food safety.
  • Customer food safety support—training and regulatory advisement

Additional Programs

Food Responsibility goes way beyond just safety. Recently we have introduced two programs that make it easier for operators to identify items that are either locally grown or produced with sustainability in mind. Learn more about our Qualified Grown Local and GreenBasis programs.