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Supplier: Pepsico

PepsiCo Spice Chip Rack

Add some spice to your day! 

Chips are always a great snack or meal accompaniment. In 2014, chips within foodservice grew 2.6% and Frito-Lay brands of chips led that growth with 2.8% growth versus prior year. Consumer palates are also shifting as consumers are increasingly open to a wide variety of intense and ethnic flavors. They are choosing flavor over calories when it comes to snack choices. In fact, BOLD flavored chip options are growing 108% in Sandwich QSR locations compared to 104% growth on traditional flavors.
In response Frito-Lay is going to make four new bold flavored chip options available to Foodservice customers:

Lay’s® Limon
Doritos® Dinamita Chile Limon
Doritos® Spicy Nacho
Ruffles® Queso (not available on the East Coast)

Customer rebate coupons are available for these products. Please contact your Performance Foodservice Sales Rep for more information.