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Make sure you're up to date on the latest and greatest products we've added under our exclusive brands. We constantly seek out the freshest trends and product innovations to bring the highest quality products and solutions to your operation.

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  • Allegiance Pork

    Allegiance Premium Fresh Pork

    Performance Foodservice is pleased to introduce Allegiance® Premium Pork. Allegiance pork products are the most premium level of fresh pork available in the United States, meeting the highest pork specifications in the industry.

  • West Creek Ground Turkey

    West Creek Ground Turkey

    West Creek® and Silver Source® Ground Turkey products are healthy alternatives to ground beef. Both brands are extremely versatile and can be substituted for ground beef in most any recipe, ranging from burgers and meatballs to casseroles and tacos to Shepherd’s pie, lasagna and sloppy joes.

  • Piancone and Roma Filled Pasta

    Piancone and Roma Filled Pastas

    New to this line is the Roma Gourmet Cappelletti Style tortellini. It offers the same great flavor and texture as the Roma Traditional tortellini, just with a slightly different shape!

  • Silver Source Flounder

    Silver Source IQF Groundfish (Flounder, Cod, Haddock, Pollock)

    The Performance Foodservice line of Silver Source IQF groundfish products arm operators with an abundant variety of fish species, each available in a host of pack sizes. Silver Source presents individually quick frozen Flounder, Cod, Haddock, and Alaskan Pollock fillets or loins in versatile pack sizes.

  • Roma Zeppole

    Roma Zeppole

    Zeppole is a pillow of fried dough most often served coated in powdered sugar or filled with any number of fruit or cream fillings. Roma Zeppole is frozen, and individually scored on a sheet of dough, which allows your operators to control how much of the product is used at a time. Straight from the freezer, Roma Zeppole fries up beautifully in less than two minutes.

  • West Creek Processed Potatoes

    West Creek Dehydrated Potatoes

    West Creek dehydrated potatoes from Idahoan are available in several convenient varieties—choose from mashed, au gratin, scalloped, or hash brown potatoes! In addition to these great tasting products, West Creek also offers a Mashed Potato Extender which will double your yield and improve the consistency of made-from- scratch mashed potatoes.

  • West Creek Frozen Fruits and Berries

    West Creek Frozen Fruits and Berries

    West Creek individually quick frozen fruits are available in blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, cherries, or bananas, all fresh-picked for premium quality.

  • Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass

    Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass

    Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass is wild caught off the coast of Antarctica and is one of the most desired seafood products of finer dining establishment. The thick, white, steak-like appearance is coupled with a mild, but rich flavor. Bay Winds Chilean Sea Bass products are also nutritious and low calorie, thus appealing to more health-conscious consumers.

  • West Creek Processed Eggs

    West Creek Processed Eggs

    West Creek processed egg products offer operators a quick, convenient, and safe way to bring delicious and satisfying breakfast entrees to the table. West Creek processed eggs are processed from real eggs, so the flavor is identical to shell eggs, but with the added benefits of packaging convenience and extended shelf life. These refrigerated and frozen items are perfect for casual dining establishments, hotels and lodging, and buffets.

  • Roma, Assoluti Blended Oil

    Roma and Assoluti Blended Oils

    Performance Foodservice is pleased to offer a selection of blended oils under its Roma and Assoluti brands. Premium olive, canola, and soy oils are blended together for maximum flavor and value. In addition, all Roma and Assoluti blended oils are zero grams of trans fat to satisfy the needs of your health conscious customers.