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Make sure you're up to date on the latest and greatest products we've added under our exclusive brands. We constantly seek out the freshest trends and product innovations to bring the highest quality products and solutions to your operation.

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  • piancone epicureo lamb

    Piancone® Epicureo Premium Lamb

    Piancone® Epicureo Premium Lamb is acclaimed for its exceptional taste, performance, and consistency — truly a delicious and distinctive farm-to-fork dining experience.

  • HO Belgian Waffle

    Heritage Ovens® Premium Brussels Waffles

    Heritage Ovens® Premium Brussels Waffles are parbaked then frozen and feature a crisp outside and a light and airy inside.

  • Tater Kegs

    Entice™ Culinary Tater Kegs Jumbo Stuffed Tater Tots

    What happens when you take the best parts of a tater tot, make it jumbo sized and combine it with the best complementary ingredients such as bacon, cheese and chicken? Entice™ Culinary Tater Kegs! Tater Kegs keep the crispness on the outside and put all of the flavors that you love on top, inside.

  • Farm Smart Chicken

    FarmSmart® All-Natural Diced Chicken Breasts

    FarmSmart® Fully Cooked All-natural NAE Diced Chicken Breasts are ideal for quick and easy salads, soups, wraps, pastas and casseroles. Just heat and serve in minutes to incorporate as the perfect base ingredient for stews, casseroles, salads and other dishes.

  • asian pride

    Asian Pride® Frozen Appetizers, Marinades and Sauces

    Asian Pride® appetizers, marinades and sauces have been specially crafted with high quality ingredients and spices to deliver the unique flavors for which Indian food is known.

  • FarmSmart Organic Beef

    FarmSmart® Fresh Domestic Organic Grass-fed Beef

    Our FarmSmart® Fresh Domestic Organic Grass-fed Beef is a first in the food service industry. With numerous third-party certifications and PathProven® tracing technology, FarmSmart meets the demands of the most discerning chefs and customers. Now available in boxed beef cuts, as well as ground beef, FarmSmart stands out from the competition in both taste and quality.

  • Peak diced potatoes

    Peak Fresh Produce® Russet White and Norland Red Potatoes

    A wide variety of refrigerated diced, shredded, sliced and wedge potatoes are available under the Peak Fresh Produce® brand. Only White Russet Burbank Potatoes and Dark Red Norland Potatoes from Maine are used in these premium products. These items are ideal for applications such as casseroles, hash browns, home fries, and soups.

  • Asian Pride® Blends, Dried Stir-Fry Mushroom Blend

    Asian Pride® Dried Stir Fry Mushroom Blend

    Asian Pride® Dried Stir Fry Mushroom Blend is a blend of Shiitake, Shredded Wood Ear, Sliced Button, Cloud Ear and Oyster Mushrooms that has a delicate, mild flavor and great balance of contrasting textures that is well suited for Asian stir-fry recipes.

  • AP Eggrolls md

    Asian Pride® Frozen Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and Potstickers

    Who doesn’t love a shrimp spring roll, vegetable egg roll or pork potsticker? Asian Pride® Spring Rolls, Egg Rolls and Potstickers deliver authentic taste without all the preparation in convenient sizes and configurations that eliminates food waste. These products are perfect appetizers and bar foods for any menu.

  • West Creek Mashed Potatoes

    West Creek® Mashed Potatoes

    West Creek® Mashed Potatoes are available in a variety of cuts and flavors—using the very best Red and White Russet Potatoes from Maine - the USA’s second largest growing area for potatoes. Choose from low-sodium, natural mashed, and garlic mashed and deluxe mashed potatoes with seasonings, milk, butter, salt and pepper.