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Allegiance Pork Belly and West Creek Shoulder Cushion Meat

We are excited to present Allegiance® Premium Pork Bellies and West Creek® Fresh Pork Shoulder. These products are available in small pack sizes, and are individually cryovaced to ensure that your operators will only use the portion they immediately need. 

Available Products
  • Allegiance Pork Bellies are available as either full or half pork bellies, either skinless or skin-on and range on average from 9 - 12 or 12 - 14 lbs each. Full pork bellies are packed 3 bags per box and half pork bellies are packed 2 bags per box. 
  • The West Creek® Pork item offered in this rollout adds a cushion meat pork shoulder, perfect for braising, and packed in a convenient size of 4 pieces per bag and 4 bags per box.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.