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Braveheart, West Creek and Roma Fajita Strips

Performance Foodservice branded fajita meats answer operators’ needs in the ever expanding Latin and Mexican markets. A variety of  products ensure a fit for any type of establishment. Braveheart fully cooked Angus strips take fajitas from ordinary to extraordinary and are perfect for dinner menus in upscale Latin and Mexican establishments. West Creek and Roma marinated or fully cooked chicken or beef fajita meat is ideal for casual dining establishments serving lunch or dinner menus.

Product Uses

Braveheart fully cooked beef fajita products are ready to heat and serve and are perfect for wraps, hot sandwiches, or salads.

West Creek and Roma branded fully cooked chicken products are ready to heat and serve and lend excellent char grill flavor to sandwiches, salads, wraps and pizza toppings.

Braveheart and West Creek marinated and pre-seasoned chicken and beef fajita products are ready to cook and served in fajitas, salads, wraps, and stir frys. These products are also great for adding signature spices and seasonings before cooking!

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.