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Contigo Flour and Corn Tortillas and RTF Tortilla Chips

Contigo®  Corn and Flour Tortillas & Pre-Cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips are a versatile addition to any pantry. Enjoy the authentic flavor and convenience of these wholesome products.


The fresh flavor profile of the Contigo® flour tortilla is perfect for menu items like burritos, quesadillas, faji
tas, wraps and a host of other items. They feature even toast marks and a consistent size and shape. The result is a fresh tortilla with a fresh aroma, great flavor profile and pleasing texture. These tortillas are exceptionally soft and pliable, allowing for superior performance - less tearing and ripping.

Contigo® Corn Tortillas are ideally suited for 
migas, tostadas and soft tacos and are consistent in quality, moisture and texture. Made from quality corn, these gluten-free tortillas are full of aroma, flavor and authentic taste.

Both tortilla items are available in a variety of diameters and pack sizes for added versatility.

Precut Ready-to-Fry Tortilla Chips
Contigo® Pre-cut (RTF) Tortilla Chips are available in yellow 
corn or white corn and are perfect for any restaurant or chip frying operation. Evenly cut triangles make it easy to fry up fresh chips. When fried on-site, as chips or strips, the result is a fresh and delicious product that cannot be matched by any pre-fried corn chips. Ideal for saving on labor costs and delivering consistent shapes, sizes and taste. They are available in 30 pound bulk packs.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.