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Empire's Treasure and Silver Source Catfish

Empire’s Treasure and Silver Source catfish products are reliably flavorful, flaky, and easy to prepare. The mildflavor of catfish is easy to pair with bolder flavors and spices for an easy wow factor. In addition, the products are available in an assortment of cuts and filets, breaded and unbreaded - great for use in a variety of applications!

Empire’s Treasure and Silver Source catfish are farm raised domestically in the United States, thus eliminating supply concerns and guaranteeing consistent product. Operators will enjoy the versatility of these products, as well as their affordability.

Empire's Treasure Catfish
Menu Applications

• Catfish Fajitas
• Blackened Catfish
• Catfish Salad
• Classic Fried Catfish
• Filler in stuffed mushrooms, crabs, or shrimp
• Fish Sandwich
• Almondine
• Baked or Steamed
• Grilled over Pasta
• Oven Roasted

Nutritional advantages

Empire’s Treasure and Silver Source catfish products are not only flavorful, easy to prepare, and popular among families! Health conscious consumers will also enjoy its nutritional advantages:
• Low in fat
• Low in calories
• Low in sodium
• No added hormones

Frozen and packaging advantages

Because Empire’s Treasure and Silver Source Catfish portions are frozen, they offer operators the following advantages:
• 100% net weight
• No product shrink
• Consistent size and taste
• Sustainable year round supply
• Less expensive per pound
• Less waste
• Lower risk of product spoilage
• Less administration/tracking vs. fresh product

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.