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FarmSmart® All-Natural Diced Chicken Breasts

Farm Smart ChickenThe FarmSmart® brand is a all about practicing smarter, better ways of farming. This includes responsible use of antibiotics, humane treatment of animals and livestock.

Performance Foodservice introduces FarmSmart® Fully Cooked All-natural No Antibiotics Ever (NAE) Diced Chicken Breasts, these ½” diced fully cooked chicken breasts with rib meat come from chickens raised on farms in the USA. These chickens are fed an all-vegetarian diet without animal by-products and raised without antibiotics or added hormones* ever. Using all-natural ingredients including diced chicken breasts with rib meat, water, rice, starch, sea salt and vinegar, FarmSmart® All-natural NAE Diced Chicken Breasts provide the convenience of a minimally processed, pre-diced, fully cooked, all-natural ingredients and allergen-free chicken product from chickens raised without antibiotics.

FarmSmart® Fully Cooked All-natural NAE Diced Chicken Breasts are ideal for quick and easy salads, soups, wraps, pastas and casseroles. Just heat and serve in minutes to incorporate as the perfect base ingredient for stews, casseroles, salads and other dishes.

 Find out why we like to say "Eat Smart. Eat FarmSmart".

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