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FarmSmart® Fresh Domestic Organic Grass-fed Beef

FarmSmart Organic BeefThe FarmSmart® brand is a all about practicing smarter, better ways of farming. This includes responsible use of antibiotics, humane treatment of animals and livestock.

Our new FarmSmart Fresh Domestic Organic Grass-fed Beef is a first in the food service industry. It's the only line that meets these strict guidelines: beef born and raised in the US, which has been certified organic and non-GMO, and entirely grass-fed. We’ve partnered with NFR Beef, the nation’s largest certified American Grass Association rancher, to be the exclusive supplier of these products. And, with our PathProven technology, you can trust that this beef is not only delicious, but also carefully inspected and controlled throughout the supply chain.

FarmSmart beef is now available in boxed beef cuts as well as ground beef. Find out why we like to say "Eat Smart. Eat FarmSmart".

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.