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First Mark Carry Out Containers

First Mark Carry Out containers are great “on-the-go” containers for individual servings or groups. Square plates and trays keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. First Mark carry out containers are made from light weight material that insulates like foam, but uses 30% less plastic. 

Features and Benefits
  • Leak resistant single and compartmented trays and lids allow for neat and easy transport. 
  • Crystal clear anti-fog lids keeps food visually appealing. 
  • The Industry’s only insulating rigid plastic made with no chemical agents for expansion. 
  • Cut-resistant, Low Cube, Insulating, Microwarmable, Recyclable. 
  • Keeps hot food hot and cold food cold. 
  • Able to re-warm takeout food in the same container. 
  • Production process reduces carbon footprint and the items are recyclable. 
  • Stackable products allow for space savings.
First Mark Carry Out Containers

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.