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First Mark and Silver Source Chafing Dish Fuel

Nearly all full-service foodservice operations use portable warming options in both front and back of the house. First Mark and Silver Source chafing fuels offer portable warming solutions  for every serving application – chafing dishes, steam tables, beverage urns, banquet carts, warming  cabinets and non-traditional chafers.

Wick Chafing Fuels
Choose from a 6-hour burn time First Mark or Silver Source Fuel. Both canisters are ideal for chafing dishes, steam tables, hot boxes and beverage urns and are available in convenient, easy top open 24-packs. If you prefer a narrow wick, select the First Mark item; a wider wick with a twist top is available in the Silver Source brand.

Gel Chafing Fuels
Choose from 2-hour burn time Ethanol (biodegradable) in the First Mark brand or a 2-hour burn time Methanol gel in Silver Source brand. Both the First Mark and Sil- ver Source fuels are available in 72 pieces per case boxes. The individual methanol containers have a wide pad technology, multiple wick types and pop top for easy opening and extinguishing.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.