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Heritage Ovens Artisan Bread

Performance Foodservice is pleased to offer an assortment of Artisan Breads under its Heritage Ovens brand. The Heritage Ovens line of Artisan breads includes French baguettes, rustic Italian loaves, ciabattas, focaccias, fougasse, and dinner rolls, all of which appeal will appeal to your customers and provide a unique offering for your sandwiches or bread baskets.

So…what does artisan mean, exactly?

The term “artisan” literally means a product that is usually made by hand using traditional methods that is made in small quantities. The word itself summons up imagery of a hand crafted product with ingredients that are sourced locally and fresh. It also suggests the product may be less processed, better tasting, and maybe even healthier. Some would even specify that artisan products are “created,” not mass produced.

Why would Heritage Ovens artisan breads work for my establishment?

Heritage Ovens Par-Baked Artisan Bread provides a large variety of tasty bread choices, all while giving your customers the impression that the breads were made from scratch. Heritage Ovens Artisan breads provide your customers with high-end bread that involves less labor, while still allowing you to provide that fresh-baked aroma in the restaurant. Our Artisan breads are flavorful, chewy, and have a moist texture and a crisp crust.

Heritage Ovens Artisan

    Our Heritage Ovens Artisan breads have:

    • All natural ingredients
    • No preservatives
    • No artificial colors, No artificial flavors
    • Hand scored and formed, so that no two breads are identical
    • No dough conditioners
    • Distinct natural starter dough’s, unique to each bread style
    • Hand shaped after long fermentation. Fermentation to be minimum of 12 hours
    • Baked on stone in a hearth oven


    What types of artisan breads do you have to choose from?

    • The White Baguette is traditional in the French style and perfect for long sandwiches or sliced into medallions. 
    • The Ciabatta Lunger Cluster is a unique 8 roll pull-apart shape, perfect from bread baskets and the “sandwich by the inch” concept.
    • Our Ciabatta Panini Rolls are 4”x5” and perfect for upscale sandwiches.
    • The Swiss Triangle can be used to create the perfect sandwich with the roll’s unique three-sided shape.
    • There are three dinner roll offerings including a straight case of White Dinner Rolls, crusty on the outside and light on the inside.
    • The Multi-pack dinner roll assortment includes a selection of white, country and multigrain rolls in one case, while the Savory assortment includes some unique shapes with the multigrain petite baguettes; roasted garlic petite baguettes, rosemary rolls and white cheddar cheese rolls.
    • The Black & White Sesame bun makes for a delicious burger, ahi tuna sandwich or roast beef sammy.
    Heritage Ovens Artisan

    Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.