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Peak Fresh Produce® Russet White and Norland Red Potatoes

A wide variety of refrigerated diced, shredded, sliced and wedge potatoes are available under the Peak Fresh Produce® brand. Only White Russet Burbank Potatoes and Dark Red Norland Potatoes from Maine are used in these premium products. These items are ideal for applications such as casseroles, hash browns, home fries, and soups.

Peak Fresh Produce® Diced White Russet Potatoes are available in ½”, ¾” and 1” cuts, hearty shreds, and sliced with either skin-off or skin-on.

Peak Fresh Produce® Dark Red Norland Redskin Potatoes are available in both ¾” and 1” dices and thick wedges which are a great alternative to French fries.

Features and Benefits

  • Peak Fresh Produce® Potatoes are packed to order and shipped in a timely manner to preserve freshness.
  • Trucks are carefully monitored while in transit to ensure product is kept at the correct temperature.
  • Packed in 4/5 lb plastic modified air Modified Atmosphere Packaging is used to prolong shelf life, increase product quality and to add value to processed foods. Air is removed from the package and replaced with a gas mixture that helps preserve product freshness.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.