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Piancone Fresh Sweet Cream Ricotta Cheese

Lasagnas, calzones, cannoli filling, stuffed shells, and even cheesecakes call for the fresh taste and texture of Piancone Ricotta Cheese. 

Piancone Ricotta Cheese is a white, semi-soft, unripened mild cheese which is made from the highest quality Wisconsin cow’s milk and whey with a finishing touch of sweet cream. With no preservatives added, each small batch is made to order guaranteeing freshness. The clean, milky flavor is like no other.

Menu Ideas

For a fresh tasting, sweet treat, combine Ricotta with sugar and whipped cream and spread as a filling between layers of freshly sliced strawberries and sponge cake.

Or, consider topping a white pizza with scoops of ricotta, grape tomatoes and aged provolone cheese.  

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.