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Ridgecrest Soup Bases

Much like Superman and his never ending quest for “truth, justice, and the American way,” Performance Foodservice is constantly searching the globe for products, suppliers, and services that separate your operation from the pack. That being said, it is with great pleasure that we introduce a “Super” new category - a line of food and soup base products under the Ridgecrest, West Creek, and Silver Source brands.

All new soup base products contain no MSG and several items are designed for that health conscious customer looking for lower sodium solutions. Flavors include chicken, beef, clam, lobster, ham, and vegetable.

Features & Benefits
  • Performance Foodservice branded soup bases contain no MSG
  • Performance Foodservice branded soup bases do not contain gluten ingredients: rye, wheat, or barley
  • Products are zero grams of trans fat per serving
  • Two West Creek items are low in sodium (less than 140 mg. per 8 oz. serving 


Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.