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Roma Mozzarella and Mascarpone Cheeses

Performance Foodservice is pleased to offer a selection of fresh Mozzarella cheeses under its Roma Brand. Options abound with this selection of fresh cheeses. Operators will enjoy using the thin sliced mozzarella product for sandwiches and pizzas, the fresh curd for creating their very own mozzarella cheese, and the ovolini in antipasto platters. Roma Mascarpone is a key ingredient in delicious desserts such as Tiramisu.

Features and Benefits

BelGioioso’s award winning products are made from the freshest milk, resulting in clean, fresh tasting mozzarella products.  All of their milk is delivered fresh, daily, from certified rBST free dairy sources.  Their Mascarpone is made from the sweet cream that is skimmed directly from the whole milk they receive, that has been separated when making their part skim cheeses.

Our new Roma brand products will help us fill some competitive voids, where we feel we are underpenetrated in the marketplace, particularly with fresh Curd and Ovolini.

We also have a unique advantage with our Thin Sliced Pizza Log, which is specially formulated for pizza applications and is a thinner, larger diameter slice vs. traditional sliced log products.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.