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West Creek Beer Cheese Sauce

West Creek Beer CheeseMade with the perfect combination of savory cheddar cheese and a leading American beer, West Creek® Cheddar Beer Cheese Sauce is creamy and full of robust flavor. West Creek Cheddar Beer Cheese is an ideal appetizer dipping sauce for pretzels or fries, or use in pasta, on burgers, brats or other flavorful menu combinations.  Add West Creek® Beer Cheese Sauce across your menu to increase plate price and improve profitability.

Craft beer continues its rein in the beer world and the trend will continue into 2017. West Creek Beer Cheese Sauce is an easy way to tap into the craft beer phenomenon and provides customers with a complementary food item to satisfy their taste buds while they enjoy their favorite brew.
  • No Trans-fats
  • Consistent flavor and viscosity compared to beer cheese made from scratch
  • Shelf stable for up to 18 months
  • About 48 servings per container (¼ cup serving size)
  • Aseptically packaged for freshness and safety

West Creek® Cheddar Beer Cheese Sauce is ready-to-serve, just heat and eat. Packed in 6/#10 cans per case, West Creek® Cheddar Beer Cheese Sauce is a convenient, consistent and inexpensive way to enhance a menu, increase labor efficiency and simplify back-of-house operations and add more profit to many staple menu items.

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.