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West Creek® Grits and Cornmeal

These delicious enriched West Creek® Grits, Yellow Corn Meal and White Corn Meal mixes are staples in many kitchens and can be applied to a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner menu items. With all of these products gluten-free, you can take advantage of continuing interest in gluten-free products.
  • West Creek® White Grits are ground from whole kernels of white corn and can be used to make grits for breakfast or anytime.  Enriched with essential nutrients, these are a great source of energy and are gluten-free.

  • West Creek® Plain Corn Meal is ground from whole kernels of corn and is considered to be a medium grind. In addition to the nutrients added during the enrichment step, corn meal contains naturally occurring iron and phosphorus, and is a great source of energy and dietary fiber.

  • West Creek® Self-Rising Corn Meal is also ground from whole kernels of corn with leavening agents added.  Use it for dough, stuffing, hush puppies, breading, corn dogs, polenta, corn muffins or cornbread. West Creek® Self-rising Yellow or White Corn Meal can also be used in place of flour in some baked foods like breads, cakes, tortillas and croutons for a richer texture. Its uses are endless.

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