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West Creek Jams and Jellies

West Creek Jams and Jellies
West Creek bulk jams and jellies are convenient, versatile, and delicious. West Creek Grape Jelly, Orange Marmalade, and Strawberry Preserves are great on toast and peanut butter sandwiches, but they are also terrific as ingredients in recipes such as sauces and marinades - or as toppings for waffles, pancakes, or even ice cream! Made with the highest quality ingredients, these products are bursting with fresh fruit flavor!


• Vacuum pan cooking process allows product to boil at lower temperatures and prevents flavor loss, color deterioration, and degradation of fruit integrity; eliminates burnt or overcooked product.
• Tamper evident pop up button provides product safety to consumer and creates an extended shelf life to ensure the highest quality products and food safety


• Strict quality requirements result in a consistent finished product
• Firm Fruit and firm set are favorable to the leading national brands
• Highest Quality Fruit
• Unique Multi-Stage cooking process results in better stratification of peel in jar

Strawberry Preserves

• Strawberries are pressed in own juice which improves color and flavor and delivers excellent flavor and fresh fruit appearance

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