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West Creek Pork Barbeque

West Creek Barbeque
West Creek pulled pork barbeque products are both delicious and convenient! Popular on a variety of menus, these flavor options will sell well and save time and money in the kitchen. Both products are fully cooked and require virtually no labor­—just thaw, heat, and serve! West Creek products meet or exceed demanding industry standards and consistently deliver quality and value.

Product Uses

Pulled Pork BBQ with Tomato Based Sauce
Use on a loaded Pulled Pork sandwich or as center of the plate with cole slaw. Serve as a combo with ribs, or chicken for a platter. Use on pizzas or in a wrap as a new menu idea. Ready to service right out of your oven!

Pulled Pork BBQ with Vinegar Based Sauce
Use straight out of the warmer or add a little bit of your own sauce to make it your signature Pulled Pork. Great on a sandwich, platter, or a slider. Can also be used in other dishes like tacos, soups, stews, and entrees.

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