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West Creek and Silver Source Barbeque Sauces

West Creek Barbeque Sauces
Our new sauces appeal to any barbeque lover's flavor preference. Use this assortment of sauces to satisfy your customers’ sweet, smoky, tangy, or classic flavor cravings.

West Creek and Silver Source sauces are perfect for a variety of menu items. Add a kick to your baby back ribs with Moonshine Barbeque Sauce or a sweet and spicy spin on Buffalo wings with Jala-Mango Sauce. This collection of sauces can also be used for dipping, marinades, and sandwich spreads.

Gourmet Barbeque Sauce- thick sauce with molasses and smoke flavors.

Original Barbeque Sauce-
 tomato based barbeque with hits of hickory smoke and vinegar.

Smokey Barbeque Sauce- smoke flavor intensified with onion, garlic, tomato and vinegar.

Sweet Barbeque Sauce- sweet with a subtle spice.

Tangy Barbeque Sauce- tomato, vinegar and peppers combine for a spicy smoke flavor.

Moonshine Barbeque Sauce-
 smooth barbecue sauce infused with moonshine flavor.

Jala-Mango Sauce-
 sweet and spicy with a fruity glaze.

Southern Gold Barbeque Sauce- smooth, mustard-based barbecue sauce.

Liquid Smoke- smoky flavor for meats, vegetables, and your own homemade sauces. 

Silver Source Barbeque Sauce- medium thickness with sweet tomato flavor.

Silver Source Smokey Barbeque Sauce- very thick with an extra smoky flavor.

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