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West Creek and Silver Source Frozen Vegetables

West Creek and Silver Source Frozen Vegetables

Customers are seeking more vegetables in their diet, and Performance Foodservice makes it easy to deliver the fresh-picked flavor, firm texture and vibrant color that make customers return again and again. Performance Foodservice Frozen Vegetables are always in season and hassle-free. Our products are designed to exceed expectations in everything from stir-fries and roasts to seasonal sides. In fact, these frozen vegetables are more consistent, just as flavorful and often more nutritious than fresh. The secret? Quick-freezing within hours of harvest. Not only is flavor at its premium right after produce is picked, but nutrients are at their highest levels, too. Cut and packed to the most stringent quality specifications, operators can rely on the convenience and added value of fresh-frozen vegetables from Performance Foodservice.

Features and Benefits

Quick-frozen right after harvest: Fresh-from-the-field flavor

Recipe-ready: Saves labor

Available Year-round: Easy to menu all season

Contact your sales representative for more information about availability in your area.