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Our Products & Services


In addition to carrying nationally known labels, we have developed our own proprietary brand food and food-related products created to meet our customers' specific needs. Check out our brands of distinction.


Running a profitable restaurant is more than just serving up the best specials in town. It takes quality service and a dedicated staff. It requires satisfied customers and sound finances. Sometimes, it necessitates a call for help. We have the solution to helping you increase guest traffic, run your business more efficiently and add to your bottom line - Spark. Our innovative program will assist you with time- and cost-saving benefits to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Market Trends

Check our market reports for news and trends on market conditions. Our market reports are updated weekly.

Other Services

We also offer food cost analysis, usage reports, special orders, rebate tracking, menu planning and much more! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your operation.