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Build Your Business

Running a successful restaurant means running a successful business. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

  • How to Build a Brand That Tells a Story

    Branding is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot and is often misused, but building an easily-identifiable brand is essential to creating a business that consumers will seek out time after time. Learn to build your brand.

  • Make the Most of Online Reviews

    No matter what you think of online reviews, one thing is certain — they present an opportunity to gain insight into customer experience, and that’s an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

  • Going Mobile

    Going Mobile

    Taking your brick-and-mortar restaurant operation on the road can be a good way to connect with a new audience and create additional revenue opportunities.

  • Leverage PR and Social Media

    Leveraging PR and Social Media in the New Year

    It’s a great feeling to get mentions and likes, but it doesn’t always pay the bills. Here’s how to get the most out of great coverage and social media engagement.

  • Make Your Restaurant a New Year's Eve Destination

    Make Your Restaurant a New Year's Eve Destination

    Your guests are excited, baby sitters are hired and Ubers are at the ready. It’s New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to celebrate in style. Here are six ways to make your restaurant a New Year’s Eve destination this year!

  • holiday table

    Preparing Your Restaurant for the Holidays

    The holidays present excellent opportunities for your restaurant, but can also be stressful. These five tips will make sure you have a happy, and profitable, holiday season.

  • Host Your Own Multi Chef Dinner

    How to Host a Collaborative Chef Dinner

    Multi-chef dinners are extremely popular, seemingly popping up every week in busy dining markets. It’s a great way for chefs to collaborate, share skills and explore new passions; and it’s usually pretty exciting for guests. Collaborative dinners can bring awareness to a specific cause and can give chefs a chance to flex creative muscle.

  • ServSafe Expert

    Adding ServSafe Experts to Your Operation

    According to the National Restaurant Association, “The ServSafe Program leads the way in providing comprehensive educational materials to the restaurant industry through face-to-face and online instruction,” and it has provided certification for over 5 million foodservice professionals in three categories: ServSafe Food Protection Manager, ServSafe Food Handler ™ and ServSafe Alcohol ™.

  • Growing Your To Go Sales

    Growing Your To-Go Sales

    There are few businesses that run on tighter margins than restaurants. As a result, it is crucial to maximize every revenue stream possible and that increasingly means looking at to-go orders and delivery. Some of the largest growth in the industry (double digit percentages annually) is coming from to-go/delivery orders and much of that is driven by the fact Millennials gravitate toward restaurants with these options.

  • Your Operation

    Price it Right

    Managing food cost and pricing your menu well can mean the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one. Here are some things to keep in mind as you pull out your calculator.