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Build Your Business

Running a successful restaurant means running a successful business. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

  • Is "All You Can Eat" Right for My Concept?

    All you can eat menus can be a slippery slope for restaurants, but can also help drive sales with the right plan. Learn how to profit from an endless meal.

  • Fun "Holidays" to Market Around in July

    July is one of the most fun months for foodies. There are countless opportunities to market to diners–and every zone of their taste buds too.

  • Do You Know Your Numbers?

    There are tons of reasons why fresh produce has a permanent place on your menu. From fresh salads in the summer to root vegetables in the fall, each season has its own flavor, and your customers desire the freshest of the season's offerings. Our West Creek Fresh produce will impress you time and time again, and save you time in the kitchen as well!

  • twitter bird

    Social Media for Restaurants: Which Platform to Use & When

    Social media is all the rage. But how can you use it effectively for your restaurant business?

  • cleaning supplies

    Restaurant Spring Check List

    It's time for restaurants to get ready for the surge in spring time business. Here are a few best practices for the proactive restauranter.

  • Working Smarter

    Learning to Work Smarter

    Asking "How is business going these days?" can bring forth a variety of responses from business owners. There is no room for error in the current business environment. You have to look at every aspect of the business and constantly “clean things up.” Make sure that your processes, inventory, training, and procedures are always up to date and as efficient as possible.

  • Empires Treasure and Silver Source Seafood

    Seafood's Favorite Season is Right Around the Corner

    As the Lenten season quickly approaches (FYI, this year Lent begins on March 1st and ends on April 13th), meatless meals on Fridays become more important at your establishment. And while the heightened demand for seafood is more apparent during Lent, the desire for seafood year-round has become a standard, and fish and shellfish deserve a permanent place on your menu.

  • restaurant marketing tips

    Fill Those Seats – Marketing Tips to Try This Year

    When it comes to marketing, there are plentiful methods of enticing new customers to visit for the first time. This year, why not get creative? Try a few of the methods below to see what works for you…and for your customers.

  • Marketing to Families

    Marketing to Families

    Working parents and busy family schedules have led many families to eat out three or four times a week. So how do you position your establishment as the premiere family-friendly restaurant without installing a ball pit and indoor playground? Good news- there are inexpensive and creative ways to entertain the children while satisfying the parents.

  • Your Operation

    To Change Or Not To Change?

    When you change your menu, you're trying to capture that new prospective diner and keep him coming to your establishment while keeping the signature dishes (and faithful patrons) that made you successful. So how do you know when you should embark on changing your menu?