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Build Your Business

Running a successful restaurant means running a successful business. Here are some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

  • Your Operation

    Keep Them Coming Back!

    Give them concrete examples of what you plan to do to remedy the situation. There is a big difference between creating a satisfied customer that had originally complained and ignoring a complaint that seems to be a “waste of time.”

  • Your Operation

    The Power of Paper

    Upon meeting with Keith, the owner of Jane’s Steakhouse in Morgan City, LA, I was able to learn about some of his key business concerns. So, I asked him to provide the top three or four key points he wished his customers knew about his operation.

  • Your Operation

    To Change Or Not To Change?

    When you change your menu, you're trying to capture that new prospective diner and keep him coming to your establishment while keeping the signature dishes (and faithful patrons) that made you successful. So how do you know when you should embark on changing your menu?