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3 Reasons Facebook Reviews are Better Than Likes

3 Reasons Why Facebook Reviews are Better than Facebook Likes Over the past few years, Facebook has quietly been evolving into a major source for online reviews. As a result, Facebook reviews are promoted far more heavily than Likes—and the trend only appears to be getting stronger. Below are three specific reasons why you should aim to increase your Facebook reviews.
  1. Facebook Reviews are Highlighted on Google Searches
    When consumers search for your business by its specific name and location, Google will almost always display your social profiles (Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, etc.) in the first 10 results. More importantly, if your social profiles have reviews, Google will add stars and ratings under each social profile link. That means your Facebook reviews are appearing on Google searches—not your Facebook likes. 

    Let’s use a real life example. Papa Joe's has over 4,200 Likes on Facebook. However, when people search for Papa Joe's on Google, their 158 reviews are highlighted. So even though Papa Joe's has over 4000 more Likes than reviews, Google highlights the reviews.

  2. Facebook's New Search Engine Highlights Reviews
    In the last few months, Facebook has been building a better search engine to find local businesses. Similar to Google, it is also focusing on reviews, not Likes, in its search engine results. For example, Likes cannot be found in the search result page for "Italian Restaurants in Boise." Facebook chooses to highlight a restaurant's rating instead (notice the rating appears right after each business name).

  3. Reviews are More Persuasive
    A Like is a simple thumbs up. A review explains why someone likes your business. It provides you with vital information so you know what’s working—and what's not. More importantly, it provides shoppers with the same valuable information. The simple fact is 80% of shoppers read reviews and 100% of shoppers cannot read a Like.
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