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Sell More Steak. Sell More Wine.

There’s a reason steak and wine are such a great match. They’re both richly sensual and all about pleasure and satisfaction. And the special synergy they have can translate to a profit-boosting strategy for you: steak and wine, two of the highest-value items on your menu, can sell each other.

Steak and Wine: Upselling Tips

  • When patrons order steak, they’re more likely to order wine.
  • List one or two recommended wines by the glass or bottle adjacent to steak items, to simplify that upsell for both the staff and the patron.
  • Conduct waitstaff tastings showcasing great steak and wine pairings. The more your staff enjoys a pairing, the more likely they’ll be to sell it. 
  • Give your staff plenty of descriptive language to bring pairings to life: "We’ve got a really juicy, fruit-forward Zinfandel that will be perfect with that.”
  • Offer a taste of a by-the-glass wine when the steak is brought to the table. Tasting the wine with the steak will likely lead to a sale.
  • Serve a steak with a wine-based sauce, such as “Zin Is In” bone-in Strip Steak (recipe above), and pair it with the same varietal by the glass or bottle.
  • Invite winemakers to participate in special winemaker dinners focused on beef and wine pairing.

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The Beef Checkoff