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7shifts is employee scheduling, log book and management software designed for restaurants. Employees and managers get free mobile apps to request trade shifts, communicate with co-workers, as well as submit time off and availability requests.

Employee scheduling and sales forecasting

  • Actual sales synced in real-time to accurately project sales for future weeks when scheduling.
  • Create templates to schedule employees in one-click.
  • Availability and time off are plotted into the schedule to prevent scheduling conflicts.
  • Get notified when you’re scheduling into overtime and over-target.

Free mobile apps

  • Free iOS and Android apps for employees and managers.
  • Managers can approve shift trades and requests on-the-fly.
  • Employees can view their shifts, submit availability, request trades and communicate more effectively.

Messaging and communication

  • Staff and managers can easily message each other via the web and mobile apps.
  • Managers can send one-way announcements to any group (Servers, Cooks, etc).

Manager log book

  • Streamline communication amongst management with the Manager Log Book
  • Create custom log book categories that managers must report on: Employee issues, Shift notes, Maintenance, etc.
  • Managers get instantly alerted when another manager posts to the log book.
  • Easily search past log book entries.

Performance Foodservice customers receive a 10% discount on any 7shifts plan.
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