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MyEmployees offers managers location specific recognition programs and employee engagement implementation. The relationship that managers build with their team members makes all the difference. But most managers need help with training, guidance and support to carry out a successful employee engagement strategy. MyEmployees teaches the principles of appreciation and recognition, what to do, how to do it, with a team of Recognition Consultants to serve you along the way. MyEmployees will ask the right questions, understand your particular needs and prioritize effective actions. In doing so, you and your staff will achieve full potential.

With every program MyEmployees provides a Team of Recognition Consultants (RC team) who are highly trained and have experience successfully helping thousands of clients just like you. They know what motivates employees and what will uniquely work for your business. They offer managers a variety of tools to help develop and strengthen their engagement with employees. Whether it's products, training, tracking, or support, MyEmployees has a solution for every employee recognition need. You may call, fax or email your RC team anytime or use the MyEmployees smartphone app for easy instant communication.

The MyEmployees team will help you decide on key components of a recognition program to help your employees become engaged with your company’s mission, values, goals and objectives, boosting sales and profitability for your foodservice business in the process.

You have metrics, objectives, and goals that you must achieve in order for you to be a success. From food cost to upsells, attendance to satisfaction surveys, the team at MyEmployees can show you how improving employee engagement improves all of these areas. The MyEmployees team will help you implement the formal, regular and systematic employee recognition programs that build employee engagement and lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ready to learn more? Sign up for the Spark program now to get more information on empowering your staff to contribute to the success of your business.

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