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Performance Healthsource takes dietary management to the next level by offering a complete web-based food and nutrition management system that incorporates four systems - menu, management, tray card and clinical - all into one.  Designed to reduce and control costs while improving efficiency within just the first month, with our online system, start-up costs are minimal and licensing fees average pennies per patient per day.


Four Systems in One

Menu System

The Performance HealthSource Menu System includes ten sets of 4 week cycle menus, Menu Maker software, extensive recipe files, menu production reports, nutritional analysis, raw food formulary and much more. Our software allows you to customize menus in-house. Menu changes are automatically spread across the different diet orders updating both the regular menu and alternate menu sets. The modified menus print with an RD Signature in place. Utilizing this system will reduce costs and labor associated with designing menus and will produce a professional menu copy with every modification. The automated PPD Budget Manager compiles purchase orders to report ppd, actual expenses, projected budget, actual ppd and category bal-ance. These numbers can be monitored daily to offer guidance to the dining services manager and eliminate the need for end of the month cost reports to address problems after the fact.


Management System

The Management System includes updated dietary policies and procedures, annual in-service schedule (updated every January), operational forms, a Quality Improvement reporting program and more. The system can be customized to meet your specific needs and policies. The Quality Improvement program is designed in a 2567 format that is set up as a full circle QA tool (identifies the problem, tag number, suggestion, and plan of correction, with a staff sign in sheet).


Tray Card System

Our tray card system is unique in that it automatically sorts and prints cards in whatever order is set by the dining services manager. Tray cards will sort in perfect sequence of room numbers or by dining room table guaranteeing restaurant style service. Tray cards include pictures of the residents, diet icons, thicken liquid icons, pictures of adaptive devices, color coded likes/dislikes, special directions, and more.


Clinical System

The clinical system offers various applications designed to manage supplement usage, diet compliance and production in a cost effective manner. Along with a supplement master that calculates par levels, this module includes production reports (diets, beverages and supplements) that are integrated with the tray card system.

The clinical system also includes a Supplement Usage Manager that generates a report that includes: names, diet orders, supplement orders, IBW’s, UBW’s and BMI’s. Weights are automatically calculated to reflect 30, 90, and 180 day percent changes. The report red flags all residents that need supplements added or discontinued based on changes in weight. This function alone literally saves our clients thousands of dollars monthly.


Time Tested

Our web-based design allows customers to monitor and use the program from multiple sites with minimal support. Best of all, it will interface with your MDS system and is customizable to include your logo, policies, menus and more! Often just pennies per patient per day, our system also provides better workflow efficiency for your dietary department and often pays for itself in the first month of operation. System roll-out can be done remotely in a single day for multiple accounts in various locations.

Talk to your sales representative today to find our more information on Performance HealthSource, and our Menu Solutions.


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